Slopester PRO Skibrillen rood en blauw

The Slopester

Designed for Performance

Magnetic Lenses

✓ Easy & Quick exchange

✓ Strong magnetic hold

✓ Lenses for every weather type

Anti-Fog Design

✓ 3 Layers of foam backing

✓  Multi channel venting system

✓ Anti-fog coating

Maximum Vision

✓ Better Contrast

✓ VLT 64% - 6% Lenses

✓ UV400 Protection


Slopester PRO 2022


Slopester 2021

Make it Personal


Choose  between a black or white frame.

Goggle Collection


Add one or two of our amazing lens colors.

Lens collection


Finish your style off with one of our amazing strap designs.

Strap collection

Need help choosing your lens?

This infographic will tell you in which weather the lens performs best.