VAIN Scarlet Slopester - On model view
VAIN Scarlet Slopester - Front view
VAIN Scarlet Slopester - Side view
SCARLET | Slopester
VAIN Scarlet Slopester - Magnetic exchangeable lenses
VAIN Ski goggle USP - Active ventilation system
VAIN Scarlet Slopester - Over the glasses (OTG)
VAIN Scarlet Slopester - Decomposition and explanation
VAIN Scarlet Slopester - Specification sheet

SCARLET | Slopester

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VLT 22%
Sunny & slightly cloudy weather conditions

SCARLET Slopester
The Scarlet slopester is designed for those that try just a little bit too hard. Sheer effort and focus to get by and beyond the rest.

Our goggles are designed and assembled for maximum performance and comfort. So that you can drift down those snowy slopes all day without hesitation.

  • Magnetic exchangeable lenses
  • Adjustable anti-slip strap
  • Active anti-fog system
  • Fully customizable
  • 30 Day return policy
  • Free EU shipping
  • Eco-friendly
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Complete your wintersports setup with an extra lens and strap. You'll get 33% off if you buy it together with a goggle!

Ski goggle grey CE4 lens
Girl with red Carver ski goggles on from VAIN
Snowboarder on steep slopes Snowboarder on steep slopes

Forever exceeding

Never settle for less

The best quality

Quality that keeps amazing our customers.

The best technology

Offering the lastest developments in wintersports.

Competitive price

Delivering a total package at a fair price.

1st generation
Fully customizable

The Slopester is fully customizable. Lenses, straps and frame can all be replaced to customize to your needs.

Three slopester ski goggles in a row
Red ski goggle with magnetic lens
Interchangeable lenses

Adjust to the weather in no-time with the magnetic exchangeable lenses.

Anti-fog system

Never get foggy goggles again with our active anti-fog system.

Ski goggle ventilation information image
Ski goggle and ski helmet fit
Helmet compatible

Optimal fit for skiing helmets and fits almost everyone!

Over the glasses

Wear your goggles over your glasses. The Slopester can be worn over glasses with a temple width of 135 mm.

Example of glasses in a ski goggle (OTG)
Ski goggle hard case
Goggle case

Protect your goggles with our goggle case & microfiber pouch. These come standard with all our snow goggles.

Ski goggle grey CE4 lens
Low light ski goggle lens
Extra lenses

Lenses available for bad and good weather.

Bad weather lens 64% VLT

Sunny weather lens 6% VLT

Multiple ski goggle strap designs
Design straps

Get a whole new look by swapping out the original strap for a flashy new one!


Buy a pack that can withstand all the weather circumstances.

Azure Slopester ski goggle pack with bad weather lens included
Blue mirror ski goggle slopester model VAIN
Side view of Azure Slopester ski goggle
AZURE Pack | Slopester
Blue ski goggle with magnetic exchangeable lenses
Active ventilation system for ski goggle
Over the glasses compatible OTG for ski goggles
Exploded view of slopester ski goggle
Azure slopester pack specification sheet
Bart knippenberg on mountain with blue Azure slopester ski goggle

AZURE Pack | Slopester

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VLT 20% & 64%
All weather conditions

AZURE Slopester Pack
The Azure Pack, the ultimate package to keep yourself going all-day. The azure lens will protect your eyes during sunny and partly cloudy weather. Where the daylight lens will support you on the cloudy and snowy moments. Everything you need for a good day on the slopes.

  • Magnetic exchangeable lenses
  • Adjustable anti-slip strap
  • Active anti-fog system
  • Low light lens included
  • 30 Day return policy
  • Free EU shipping
  • Eco-friendly
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Check out our improved Carver model and complete Ninja goggle.