Wood double bridge sunglasses
Houten dubbele brug zonnebril
charcoal wooden immitation sunglasses
Round wooden sunglasses
Wood shades
Wooden shades
Sunglasses that look like wood
Charcoal wooden sunglasses
Wood immitation sunglasses
Timber round sunglasses
Timber sunglasses
Wooden round style sunglasses


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 The Sierra, named after the National forest in California. A large landscape with a balance of forest, mountains and lakes.

The aviator style sunglasses are a perfect balance of the wood look and precious crafted metals. The bio-based acetate wood looking frame make it lightweight, sturdy and give it a unique appearance. Besides that the TAC lenses protect you from harmful sunlight with the highest quality standard and EU-category 3 in UV protection.

Lens Specs
UV400, CE 3, Polarized
Frame Material
Lens Color
Gradient Grey, Gradient Brown
Frame Color
Charcoal, Dark Oak, Ash, Timber
Nose rests
Face Shape
Heart, Oval, Square
Frame Dimensions
Lens Width

Lens Height

Bridge Length

Temple Length

Frame Width



Why is it important? 
If you are conscious of your head shape and size, you can effectively choose a pair of sunglasses that accentuate the right aspects of your face.
Your sunglasses will then become a compliment to your face shapes and look a lot more appealing.
Size Recommendation
The most common and easiest way to measure your required sunglasses size is the creditcard method.
Visit the Sunglasses Fit Guide for a complete explaination.
Face Shape Recommendation
Your face shape is determined by the ratio of your face's width and height.
To learn more about your head shape, visit the Sunglasses Fit Guide.
Why is the right lens important?
The lens in your sunglasses is there to prevent harmful UV and blinding sunlight to reach your eyes. 
By choosing the right lens for your situation you will increase the comfort of the sunglasses.
What does UV400 mean?
UV400 means that a sunglass blocks at least all the harmful UV light up to 380 nm.
This is the recommended amount for sunglasses, all of our sunglasses are UV400 and block the harmful UV light.
CE categories
The CE mark on sunglasses means that it is conform european quality requirements.
There is a difference in CE categories that describe the amount of light that gets through.
For a sunny day a pair of sunglasses of CE category 3 is recommended.
For less sunny days a sunglass with CE category 2 is sufficient.
Polarized Sunglasses 
Sunlight is scattered in all directions, but when it is reflected through flat surfaces it can become polarized. 
This means that the light will travel in a more uniform way and can cause annoying and dangerous light intensities.
A Polarized lens reduces this effect by a coating that reduces glare and discomfort. 
If a pair of sunglasses has a polarized layer it is shown with a P in the specs table. 
If you want to know more about Polarized lenses, visit the Material & Product Care Page.
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Suit up for adventure!

Woodglasses are delivered with everything you need to keep your shades safe!


I Really love the woodgrain structure. Colors that you can't achieve with natural wood but still look like the real thing, amazing!


Great robust look of the woodglasses. My pair of natural wooden glasses doesn't even look as detailed and unique as these.



Fine Wood Details


Cool Down the Planet