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Blauwe skibril met magnetisch verwisselbare lenzen
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Skibril met verwisselbare lenzen
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VLT 20.9%

The ARCTIC CARVER is our coldest invention, the ice cold deep tones of blue will freeze your surroundings. Our designs are improved over and over again and are proud to present you our best product yet. More magnets meaning more power. A Sturdier frame with firm straps to stick to your face all day. Better perimeter ventilation to keep you from breaking a sweat and fogging your lens. With these goggles, nothing can stop you from shreddin' the slopes.

The ARCTIC lens, the coldest blue color with a freezing white haze on the edges giving the blue color an even colder character. If you want to go for a color that is often noticed, the ARCTIC is an excellent option.

The ARCTIC lens has a visible light transmittance (VLT) of 20.9% and makes it an excellent pick for sunny and partly cloudy weather. Besides that is the ARCTIC an all-rounder and good to use for any weather type.

A REVO coating is applied to give this lens an incredible color and also has a polarization effect and offers 100% UV400 protection.

The lens coexists of two lenses, which the outside is coated with an anti-scratch coating to survive a bit longer. The lens on the inside is an specialized anti-fog lens with additional coatings to prevent your goggle from fogging.

A view through the ARCTIC lens

VLT 20.9%

The MIDNIGHT lens, a faint yellow lens that is optimal for low-light weather types and boosts contrast. The best available lens for night time activites.

MIDNIGHT has a visible light transmittance (VLT) of 64% and makes it an excellent option for cloudy weather.

The coating applied offers 100% UV400 protection.

Besides all that, the lens has NoFog & ScratchCoat coatings to give you the best comfort and longest lasting lenses!

A view through the MIDNIGHT

VLT 64%
Lens Specs
Magnetic exchangeable, CE 2
Frame Material
Lens Material
PC + Coatings
Frame Color
No Slip Silicone
Triple Layer
Visible Light Transmittance
VLT 5-49%
Frame Dimensions
Lens Width
Snow goggle lens width
Lens Height
Snow goggle lens height
Bridge Length
Snow goggle nose bridge length
Frame Height
Snow goggle frame height
Frame Width
Snow goggle frame width


 Frame  Ventilation
Flexible and lightweight thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) frame.
Full perimeter channel venting for maximum airflow to keep the moisture out.
 Anti-Scratch  Anti-Fog
Anti scratch layer for a longer lifetime. Anti-Fog layer for optimal vision.
 Magnetic  Coating
8 Magnet Strong exchangeable lens that has maximum hold and is easy to exchange.
NASA Tech REVO Coating that gives a 99% polarizing layer and maximum vision.
 Anti-Slip  Foam
Triple row anti slip silicone strap for a no slip-off experience.
Triple layer face foam with NoSweat layer to reduce moisture.
 Glasses  Warranty
Over the glasses compatible
VAIN 12 Months Warranty
 100% UV  Helmet
Protective sub-layer that gives you full protection against UVA, UVB and HEV light. Fully compatible with any snowboarding / skiing helmet type on the market.

One Size Fits All

Our goggles are one size fits all, which means that it will fit almost anyone. The measures are chosen so that it can fit most face sizes. (kids excluded)
The frame is made out of Flexible TPU so that it can adjust to your face shape. 3 Layers of foam backing will assure a good fit and full perimeter closing to any face. 
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