A New Wood

Our sunglasses are made of sustainable and renewable acetate. Which have a lower carbon footprint than real wood, pretty cool right?

Bio-Based Acetate

Acetate is a renewable plastic made from organic material. 

We enhance our acetate to look like real wood so you get the wood look with excellent durable quality.

Timeless Designs

Our enhanced acetate together with fine metal parts create a rustic nature look.

Each style woodglass has it's own characteristic design.

Frame styles are chosen so that there's a woodglass for everyone.

The Best Comfort

Our woodglasses are robust and lightweight.

Together with our choice in UV 400 protective lenses it will provide the best comfort possible.


Planet & Environment

For every pair of sunglasses sold we donate 5% of the retail price to justdiggit.org.

By doing this we want to make our customer conscious of the impact caused by production and transportation of retail goods.

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Customer Reviews

I Really love the woodgrain structure. Colors that you can't achieve with natural wood but still look like the real thing, amazing!


Great robust look of the woodglasses. My pair of natural wooden glasses doesn't even look as detailed and unique as these.