Sunglasses Fit Guide

We'll tell you everything you need to know to pick your perfect fitted pair of sunglasses!

✓ How to determine your face shape.
✓  Determining your sunglasses size.
✓ How to complement your face shape.
✓ Picking your best colors!

Determining your face shape

To determine your face shape there are a few simple tricks that we will show you.


Face Shape

Determining your sunglasses size

Theres a simple trick to measure your face size, which we'd like to call the credit card method.


Credit card method

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How to complement your face shape

Now that you have determined what your face shape and size is, we want to learn you about complementing your face with sunglasses.



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Frame colors

You now know how to choose a fitting pair of sunglasses that fits your face shape and size. Next up is the color that goes best with your skin tone, eye and hair color.


Matching colors

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