Sunglasses Fit Guide

Ever wondered why a sunglass did not fit you as well as pretended?

Well you are not alone, alot of people struggle with picking the right pair of sunglasses. This is due to the fact that there are so much factors determining how they look on you. 

This Guide will explain all the relevant factors for choosing your perfect pair of sunglasses.

Determining your face shape

To determine your face shape there are a few simple tricks that we will show you.

Face shapes

Our principle

At our product pages you can find the easy symbols that indicate the size and recommended faceshape of the sunglasses. 

How we communicate

Filter our store by face shape

By clicking one of the face  shape pictures below you will be redirected to a filtered collection with all sunglasses that fit the selected face shape.

Determining your sunglasses size

Theres a simple trick to measure your face size, which we'd like to call the creditcard method.

Creditcard method

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How to complement your face shape

Now that you have determined what your face shape and size is, we want to learn you about complementing your face with sunglasses.


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Frame colors

You now know how to choose a fitting pair of sunglasses that fits your face shape and size. Next up is the color that goes best with your skin tone, eye and hair color.

Matching colors

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Sunglasses hacks

To finish the guide we'd like to tell you some hacks we figured to be important in choosing your perfect pair of sunglasses.

Did you ever get sunglasses stuck in your hair? 
✓ Consider sunglasses with solid nose rests.

Blinding and irritating sunlight reflection?
✓Polarized sunglasses block these annoying effects.

No stand for your phone while watching series?
✓ Flip your sunglasses upside down and there you go!

Left over sunglasses cases? 
✓ They are perfect for storing small items!

Trouble finding your sunglasses case?
✓ Pick a remarkable color that stands out.

Scratched sunglasses? 
✓ Try rubbing it from left to right with toothpaste, it might vanish. (recommended to read manuals for this)

Sunglasses slipping of your nose? 
✓ Bend the temples if metal, for plastics try warming them with a hair dryer or warm water before!
✓ Wrap hair elastic bands around the temples for a quick solution.
✓ Put something sticky like make-up on your nose!

Foggy lenses?
✓ Rub a bar of soap on the lenses and rub it of with a cleaning cloth!