Our Planet, Our Responsibility

At VAIN we have the vision to compensate the impact we cause.

We do this by minimizing our impact and investing 5% of our revenue in justdiggit's projects to preserve landscape. 

So that nature does not only sustain, but will be able to grow to new places and possibilities.


Cooling off the planet

For every pair of sunglasses sold, we donate 5% of the retail price to justdiggit.org. 

By doing this we want to make our customers conscious of the impact  caused by production and transportation of retail goods.

Because most customers aren't aware of the impact, we strive to at least compensate the impact we cause.


CO2 Minimalizing

Landscape Restoration

Infertile land

Throughout the earth there are places where land has become infertile. 

Wastelands like deserts will likely never be able to become vertile again.

Our partners are seeking those lands capable of becoming vertile again andstart restoration.


Land is restored through retaining rainwater for vegetation and preventing erosion, flooding and land degradation.

This is done by several proven techniques that will lead to regrowth of the vegetation and improve soils to restore the water cycle.

Once this cycle has been restored, the land can be used for agriculture again.


Returning vegetation ensures cooling by providing shade and evaporation of water.

Local communities perform the restoration process so that they learn to use and maintain the landscape.

By this way of educating the local communities the impact can become even bigger.


Creating Possibilities

Local communitie




Make the change now