Material & Product Care

This section explains about how and which materials we use to deliver our perfect sunglasses.

Glasses Case


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Sunglasses Frames


TR90 is a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight.

Therefore it's an excellent choice for sunglasses as they will give you the best comfort available.


Acetate is a nylon-based material and therefore renewable. It is stronger, more durable and flexible than regular plastics.

Acetate also is a lightweight material which gives our sunglasses good comfort throughout the days.


Our metal frames are made of stainless steel, not quite the most lightweight material. 

But with our stylish designs we balance the weight to make them comfortable throughout the day.


Lens types

We offer 4 types of lenses:

Clear lenses that are transparant. Normal lenses with a dark tint. Gradient lenses with a faded tint. Mirror lenses with a reflective coating.

UV400 Protection

All our lenses are UV400 which means that they block 100% of the harmful UV light. 

CE Categories

CE-marking categories represent the protection against blindness.

We offer cat. 2 & 3 sunglasses, cat. 2 for average sunny days and cat. 3 for sunny days.

Found in the product desriptions.



Polarization eliminates 99% of the glare effects and gives your eyes a much sharper vision which will take them alot less effort.

Giving you the best comfort.

Better Contrast

The polarization layers of the lenses give the user a better contrast as more clear colors will get through.

A clearer vision.

Where To use?

Places where alot of polarized reflections occur, examples are: The beach, On a boat, When fishing, While driving & On the ski slope.