What Makes Sunglasses Great?

Well, great does not mean great for everyone, but there are some essentials!

We'll first show you the essentials and then cover up the details!

✓ UV 400 Protection 
✓ CE Categories      
✓ Sunglasses Sizes   
✓ Appearance         
🎀 A small gift          


What is UV 400?


What are CE Categories?



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What is My Sunglasses Size?

What Sunglasses Suit my Face Shape?

It's important that you choose the right shape sunglasses to complement your face shape. We describe the four most common face shapes and recommendations.


✓ Wide temples that narrow down to chin

✓ Sharp face shapes

✓ Choose round frames

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✓ Round shape, width equal to height

✓ Round face shape

✓ Choose angled frames

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✓ Wide temples, equal small chin and forehead

✓ Round face shapes (sometimes sharp)

✓ All sunglasses will fit

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✓ Equally broad forehead, cheeks and chin

✓ Angles face shape

✓ Choose round frames

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Conclusion & Gift!

✓ UV 400 is an essential protection

✓ CE for your own preferance

✓ Size according to head size

✓ Choose the right frame to complement your face shape!

The Gift

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