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All weather conditions

The Auric Carver is that golden touch that makes your skiing trip the best one ever! The Carver comes standard with a bonus daylight lens for the cloudy days, so no fun will be wasted. The design of the Carver is improved so that it is more rigid and beter ventilating than before. Together with our anti-fog coating this will give you a non-foggy time exercising on the slopes.

  • Magnetic exchangeable lenses
  • Bad weather lens included
  • Active anti-fog system
  • 30 Day return policy
  • Free EU shipping
  • Eco-friendly
Person wearing VAIN Auric Carver golden ski goggle
Golden mirror lens ski goggle
Professional ski goggle with golden lens
Gold ski goggle with magnetic exchangeable lenses
Active anti-fog and ventilation system
Over the glasses compatible ski goggle
Decomposition of golden ski goggle with dual lens
VAIN Auric Carver specification image
VAIN Viridian Slopester - On model view
VAIN Viridian Slopester - Front view
VAIN Viridian Slopester - Side view
VAIN Viridian Slopester - Magnetic exchangeable lenses
VAIN Viridian Slopester - Active ventilation system
VAIN Viridian Slopester - Over the glasses compatible (OTG)
VAIN Viridian Slopester - Decomposition and explanation
VAIN Viridian Slopester - Specification sheet

VIRIDIAN | Slopester

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Sunny & slightly cloudy weather conditions

VIRIDIAN Slopester
The Viridian Slopester is specially designed for those that send it all day long. This one isn't afraid to break his legs, or maybe he just didn't think that could possibly happend?.

Our goggles are designed and assembled for maximum performance and comfort. So that you can drift down those snowy slopes all day without hesitation.

  • Magnetic exchangeable lenses
  • Active anti-fog system
  • Fully customizable
  • 30 Day return policy
  • Free EU shipping
  • Eco-friendly