22 Life Hacks for Sunglasses and Glasses

DIY Sunglasses hacks

All set to embrace the heat?

Summer is round the corner and It’s time for you to stock up your sunscreen, get yourself a killer bathing suit and buy an epic pair of sunglasses to add that final touch to your summer look 2020.

But those fancy sunglasses don’t come cheap, do they? It’s not an understatement to say that they cost a fortune but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your hands on a decent pair of sunglasses.

If you can’t buy them why not make them on your own? A little craft project never hurts anybody. There are many DIY tips you can follow and style your own pair of fancy sunglasses within minutes.

You can create your own version of Rihanna’s pearly sunglasses or Lady Gaga’s otherworldly wild reptile shades. And if neither is your style, then you can always come up with your own statement designs.

Curious about what you can do and how? Below are 23 amazing DIY ideas and sunglasses lifehacks for you to make and take care of your own statement sunglasses for the upcoming pool parties and beach rave-ups.

Let’s jump right in!


1.  Sharpies never disappoint

It’s no joke how a couple of sharpies can transform your dull, boring sunglasses into a quirky pair of shades that reflect every bit of you and your unique personality.

Confused how it’s possible? Here’s how- grab a bunch of sharpies in colors you like, could be red, green, orange, white, or even fluorescent. Think of a design you want to draw on your sunglasses and once you’ve decided, get on with it. Draw it on your sunglasses and bring your designs to life. Simple art project.

DIY sharpies sunglasses make over

2.  Add some quirky flowers

Okay, so maybe those sharpies couldn’t do it for you. Maybe they can’t seem to add that flare which you are looking for. Don’t worry though, these glasses hack might do the trick.

Visit the local art and craft store, see if you find any pretty little flowers that you might like to glue to your sunglasses. Once you’ve picked your supply, go home and start on the DIY Sunglasses project.

Add the flowers where you like. Get creative with color combinations or even flower combinations and create yourself a pretty little pair of sunglasses.

3.  Stud the sides

If the above-mentioned ideas seem typical and obvious (in other words, too mainstream)to you, here’s another tried and tested DIY trick to make your own epic pair of sunglasses.

Among the many widely used crafts supplies, you can also pick studs to decorate your sunglasses and elevate their appeal. You can pick plain diamond studs or some fancy gold studs and glue them to the sides of the sunglasses depending on what look you are going for.

Trust us, you won’t run out of options even if you made a dozen different types of sunglasses. Have fun, explore what type of studs you want to use and what style, and you are guaranteed to get a pair of shades you’ll be proud to flaunt of.

Do it yourself sunglasses studs

4.  Painter's tape and nail polish

Maybe you don’t want black shades. Maybe you want something flashy, something fluorescent. But you can’t buy another pair just because you want it in a different color. That’s just wastage   of money. Or maybe you just can’t find the right color.

No problem. We got you. There’s nothing a nail paint can’t fix. Pick the color you want from your stack of nail polish and use painter’s tape to cover the areas of the sunglasses you want to be untouched. Paint the rest with the nail polish and let it dry. And voila! Now you have a new pair of hot pink sunglasses.

5.  Get a little dotty

Oh, you love polka dots too? That’s crazy because we love it too! How can you not when Minnie Mouse looks so adorable in her polka dot  skirt and a matching bow?

How about we teach you to make your own pair of polka dot sunglasses? Alright! Get your glasses, acrylic paint or even nail polish of the color of your choice and some ear cleaning cotton buds.

Dip the buds in  paint or the nail polish of your choice and then start printing dots on the shades. Design ahead before you do anything or go with the flow and just place dots everywhere. You can also vary their sizes by varying the pressure you put on the bud when you place it on the sunglasses.

DIY Polka dot sunglasses and glasses

6.  Go full-on fabulous

Not everything that shines is gold, but everything that glitters definitely looks good.

Buy some glitter glue or buy the two separately as glitter and glue and you can start  your DIY project immediately. Cover the rims and sides of your sunglasses with the good glittery stuff and set it to dry. You can either have only one shade of glitter or an entire rainbow, it’s all up to your right brain. Have fun!

7.  Valentino-inspired lace aviator sunglasses

Remember the Valentino lace aviators? They were all sugar and spice and everything nice. And you can recreate the same look with a few simple steps. Ready?

Buy some nail stickers, normal or decals. You can also buy small temporary tattoo stickers as long as they are not black. Carefully place and stick them on the lens of the glasses and there you have it, the Valentino-inspired lace aviator glasses.

DIY Valentino inspired lace sunglasses

8.  Channel your inner Rihanna

We bet you’re looking for the tip on recreating Rihanna’s pearl sunglasses. No worries, you don’t have to search any longer.

Start with some research, save some photos of the look on Pinterest for reference. Gather your supplies and get started. In the case of Rihanna’s iconic pearl sunglasses, buy some pearl strips of  desired size and some super glue. Glue the pearls around the rim and you have gifted yourself the Rihanna pearl sunglasses!

You can repeat the same process with every other celebrity look, including Lady Gaga’s and make heads turn at pool parties.

9.  DIY Lens Cleaner

What about the care of sunglasses? Sure, you can make your own DIY sunglasses but you must also know how to maintain them so they stay by your side for a long time.

When it comes to cleaning the lenses of your sunglasses, it’s better to avoid harsh chemicals and make your own lens cleaner at home.

Mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol, 1 part water and 3 drops of dish soap in a small spray bottle, give it a good shake and there you have it. You can also use it for cleaning your prescription glasses. Just make sure you use a soft cloth to wipe your lens, like microfibre.

DIY sunglasses glasses lens cleaner

10.      No More Pinching

Sunglasses similar to spectacles can get a bit stiff at times, especially when they are new. You could go the long way and let them set in after being worn out a bit or you could set them right immediately.

Spread the nose pads a bit with your thumbs which  will help you get rid of the pinching feeling every time you wear them. Make sure you don’t spread them out too much or your sunglasses will get loose and slip down your nose bridge at every chance they get.

11.      Clean Your Glasses With Diluted Dish Soap

Another  glasses life hack is using dish soap with some water as a glass cleaner. You can put the solution into a spray bottle and have yourself a cheap and easy cleaning solution. Carry it wherever you go and if you run out, you can always make it again almost anywhere and everywhere.

DIY diluted soap glasses cleaner

12.      Nerdwax

Waxes are great to avoid your glasses slipping down the bridge of your nose.

And trust us, the name doesn’t do justice to how incredible the product is. Not only does Nerdwax help you maintain your prescribed glasses, it also works well with sunglasses as well. So the next time you have trouble keeping your glasses in place, try Nerdwax.

Anti slip off nose sunglasses glasses nerdwax

13.      Baking Soda And Water

Scratches can be unattractive but don’t worry, this baking soda and water paste won’t disappoint you.

Create the paste in a bowl and then cover the entire lens with it. Buff gently. Later rinse with water and you’re all good to go. The pair will look almost brand new.

14.      Remove Scratches With Toothpaste

Did you know you can get rid of all those scratches on your favorite pair of shades with some toothpaste? No? Well, now you do.

Dab some on a cotton ball and massage it into the scratches. Do it for 10 to 15 seconds and then rinse it. Repeat the process until all the scratches are gone. Be patient, it takes time.

DIY sunglasses scratch removal

15.      Avoid Hot Water

Hot water is never good for your glasses, be it the prescribed pair or the cool shades. It reduces the lifespan of the pair and you might have to buy another pair sooner than you would have thought.

16.      Keep Them Organized

It’s the little things that take most of the space in our rooms and houses. And if you’re someone who owns a couple of pairs of sunglasses then you know how difficult it is to keep them organized.

But we have a great life hack for you- use a wooden or plastic hanger to keep all of your sunglasses in one place. Not only will it prevent them from getting  scratched but it will also allow you easy access to the different pairs of sunglasses you own.

DIY sunglasses organizing

17.      Stock Up On Microfiber Cloths

If you wear glasses then you already know- microfibre is the best cleaning cloth you could ask for. They are gentle on the lens and clean almost everything with ease.

Make sure you keep plenty of them handy, you never know when you might need them. You get one for free with the VAIN case that comes with every sunglass in our shop!

18.      Wash Your Microfiber Cloths

You don’t wear dirty clothes, do you? Then why should you use a dirty cloth to clean your glasses?

Glasses need constant cleaning. No matter where you are, inside or out, glasses pick up dirt instantly and needs to be cleaned every few hours. But this constant cleaning also dirties the cloth, even more  if it’s microfibre.

Make sure you clean your lens cleaning cloth every day. Just put it in a bowl with warm water and a mild detergent. Let it sit for a while. Then hand wash each separately and thoroughly.

Microfiber cloths

19.      Get Regular Adjustments

Everything gets worn out over time, including humans. Sunglasses aren’t any different. We wear them almost every other day in summer. They are bound to become threadbare. Hence, it’s always nice to get them readjusted once in a while.

You could take them to the shop or take care of them at home if the damage is little. This little habit of taking care of them will ensure they always fit your face and make you look fabulous at all times.

20.      Raise The Glasses

It’s quite annoying when the glasses just won’t sit on your nose and slide down every other second. But don’t you worry we have just the instant solution for this . Using your thumbs push the nose pads together at the same time until they hug your nose tightly, and now you won’t have to struggle to keep them in place anymore.

Sunglasses slip down from nose

21.      Table To The Rescue

Do the glasses not sit right on your face? Do you know what you can use to check what’s off? A table.

That’s right, you can place your glasses flat on a table and check its straightness and the symmetry of the sides. Adjust it until both the sides sit flat on the tabletop and done. All set, literally.

22.      Know Your Shape

Last but not least, you should definitely add this tip to your list of life hacks to make your life a little easier.

It’s common to get overwhelmed by hundreds of styles and shapes of sunglasses available offline and online. You can try different designs if you have time but that’s the problem, you don’t have time.

Yet somehow you manage to waste time picking a pair of sunglasses because you don’t want to waste your money on something you’ll only wear once, which is smart but do you know what’s smarter? Knowing your face and knowing the styles that suit you.

VAIN created a section about matching your face shapes with sunglasses styles. Be sure to visit the page to make a well thought choice. 

Oval shaped faceHeart shaped faceSquare shaped faceRound shaped face


Life hacks are a lifesaver, especially when they help you get the most out of the least. And with these little tricks and hacks, you’re sure to up your sunglasses game this  summer and keep it that way all season. But remember, have fun!

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