Helmet compatibility

Slopester goggle helmet compatibility

Helmet compatibility guide for Slopester snow goggles.

Our Slopester snow goggles are a one-size-fits-all and go together with any helmet on the market. We'll explain you why and how we do this.

Why do we make a one-size-fits-all ski goggle?

During your lifetime you will switch helmet and goggles once every few years and we want to supply a sustainable product that lasts longer than a few years. That includes goggle designs that are build to last with different helmets. Buy a new lens once every few years, save some bucks and it's even better for mother nature! 

A great design that lasts for years, fits with almost any helmet in the market and fits everyone.

one-size-fits-all ski goggle with helmet

How can this ski goggle fit every helmet?

Well maybe not every helmet, but 99% of them should do! The ski goggle and ski helmet have been going together on the holidays for years and it's no surprise that the designs are working together. 

Almost every manufacturer makes a helmet with somewhat the same curve to fit with your ski goggles. We've measured almost every helmet on the market and made a ski goggle that fits all of them! How? Simple, we build a frame that fits in all the helmets. The rimless design makes it possible to get a bigger lens and field of view. 

So our goggle looks great and fits in all. Meaning that it fits with all helmets from size small and up.


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