Glasses color matching guide

While a randomly chosen pair of sunglasses can make you look chic and stylish, carefully choosing the frame color can enhance the effects it has on your overall look!

In order to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for yourself, you need to consider the contrast. Contrast includes combining light and dark colors to make them pop or blending two colors with similar tones to provide a subtle harmony of colors. For people, the level of contrast is determined by our hair color, skin tone and eye colors. Once you understand contrast, you can succeed in choosing the perfect glasses frame color for yourself.

For more tips on how to match your glasses color with your skin tone, eyes, hair color and even your clothing, check out this sunglasses color guide below! 

How can I choose the perfect frame color for my skin tone?

A factor to put into consideration when choosing your frame color, is your skin tone. This is because the frame rests upon your skin and if it harmonizes well enough, it can make you look prettier and vibrant. On the other hand, when a frame color does not match with your skin tone, it could make you look sick or rough. So when buying sunglasses, always go for frames with colors that complement your skin tone.

A person’s skin tone include their undertones and the three undertones we have are:

  • Cool tones (bluish undertones, left side of picture)
  • Warm tones (yellow, red and golden undertones, right side of picture)
  • Neutral tones (a combination of cool and warm undertones, middle of picture)

Once you figure out your skin undertone, color matching your sunglass will be easy!

  • If you have a cool undertone, women sunglasses in blue, silver, purple and black will be perfect for you.
  • If you have a warm skin tone, go for red, brown, gold and green sunglasses.
  • And if you have a neutral skin tone, then congratulations, you can buy frames with both warm and cool colors! 

You can filter our store's sunglasses by color in the collection filter on the collections page

How can I choose the perfect sunglasses color to match my hair color?

Besides your skin tone, your hair color also plays a big role in determining how well a frame color will suit you. This is because sunglasses that match your hair perfectly improves the appeal of both your sunglasses and your hair!

Now the most popular hair colors are blonde, black, red, brown and grey. Once you know your hair color, you can easily choose the perfect glasses color to complement it. Below are the best frame colors for your hair.

  • Blonde hair: Green, black and brown frames.
  • Black hair: Blue, purple, black and red frames.
  • Red hair: Green, black and brown frames.
  • Brown hair: Blue and brown frames.
  • Grey hair: Black, red, grey, white and blue frames.

How can I choose the right sunglasses frame to suit my eye color?

Although your eye color may not be as important as your skin and hair color when choosing the right glasses color, it also has a lovely effect. So to optimize this, you can go for a color with complements your eyes as well as your hair and skin.

There are 4 major eye colors: Brown, blue, hazel and green. Once you determine which category your fall under, you can get right to it. 

  • Brown eyes
    Women with brown eyes look best in sunglasses with colors green and brown. These earthy toned colors will make your eyes appear brighter and create a lovely color harmony.
  • Blue eyes
    While blue eyes can match nicely with numerous frame colors, going for blue or grey frames is the most advisable. Grey is a perfect undertone for blue eyes and complements the eyes while blue enhances the coolness of your eyes.
  • Green eyes
    Green is an earthy color which makes brown and mustard yellow the perfect frame colors for your eyes. You can also go with green but that might blend in too well with your eyes, making it appear unexceptional.
  • Hazel Eyes
    Hazel eyes often have hints of grey and this makes grey frames the perfect choice. To make your eyes pop, however, you can go for green. Red is a bold choice, but it also works!

Because women sunglasses come in numerous colors, you don’t have to worry about not finding the perfect shade for your eyes! After all while wearing sunglasses you won't notice much of your eye color ;)

How can I match my outfit with my sunglasses color?

One of the most interesting aspects of color matching your glass frame is the clothing and accessories aspects! Matching your sunglasses frame with the color of your blouse, pants, dress, skirt, bag or hat is an amazing way to show off your style!

Now if you don’t mind the cost of it, you can buy numerous sunglasses in different colors and simply pick up whichever compliments or matches with your outfit. Or you can take a minute to think about your outfits. What colors do I wear often? Are my staple outfits mostly in black, denim and white? Do I have lots of yellows and pinks? The answer to these questions can help you choose about three or four sunglasses that will always match with your outfit.

If you wear black a lot, you can decide to choose colorful sunglasses. Because black is a neutral color that goes with anything, the bright color of your sunglasses will create a lovely pop of color! Also, if your wardrobe is filled with colorful outfits, black and brown sunglasses will make the perfect combination.

Note: When it comes to accessories like hats and bags, always wear a sunshade in the same color as your accessory. If your outfit is pink and your bag is black, wear black sunglasses. Choosing a different sunglasses color from your accessory can make your outfit too busy and sometimes, unappealing.

Bottom Line

With all of these tips and information above, color matching your glasses will be super simple! In a situation, however, where your skin tone, hair color, eye color and outfit are all different, consider the most important factors which are your skin tone and your hair color. Over time, color matching will get much easier!

To make it even easier for you, we have optimized our filter system so that you can search effectively for your perfect sunglasses!

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