2022 Sunglasses Trends

It’s no secret that sunglasses are one of the biggest accessories in fashion. They often seem simple and subtle enough but once you’re all dressed up and put on a nice pair of sunglasses, they take your entire look from zero to a hundred. Also, on days when you don’t have the time to do your makeup or style your hair all fancy, sunglasses can cover up your face while still making you look like a boss! With all of the power it wields, it is no surprise that sunglasses are not an accessory to be taken for granted. 

Amsterdam sunglasses by VAINLondon sunglasses by VAINNewcatle sunglasses by VAIN

This is why each year new sunglasses trends are introduced into the fashion industry. This year 2022 the fashion world has decided that double bridge sunglasses, round sunglasses, and aviators are the way to go. So if you’re planning to update your sunglasses for 2022, why not get some super trendy shade sunshades while at it?  

The biggest sunglasses trends for the year 2022 include:

Amsterdam (Aviator double bridge)

Amsterdam sunglasses by VAINAmsterdam sunglasses by VAIN
Amsterdam is an eye-catching aviator with a sophisticated double bridge. The combination of simplicity and a futuristic quality makes the sunglasses very fashion-forward. So if you’re an aviator lover and were worried your favorite glass type wouldn’t make it into this year’s trend, you can let out that breath of relief! The classic, ageless sunglasses are here to stay for another year and probably many more years to come. 

If you’ve never had the double bridged aviators before, now is the perfect time to try them out. With the trendy Amsterdam, you can make a statement every time you step out of your house. 

Paris (Aviator)


If you like your sunglasses stylish, trendy but very simple, Paris is the best choice for you this year. The dark-lensed sunglasses top the list of trendy glasses this year and are perfect for anyone with a simple preference. The single bridge of the glasses makes it appear very sophisticated and the lens color/frame material also makes it a practical aviator to navigate your day with.

Even in its simplicity, Paris sunglasses are super fashionable. They fit perfectly with almost every outfit type and hairdo. The fact that they are simple sunglasses also makes perfect for busy outfits or dramatic hairdos because they can create the balance your look needs. With a polarized frame material and grey lens, Paris isn’t just fashionable but is also a sturdy accessory that can keep your eyes protected from the sun. So if what you seek this year is practicality and style, Paris is the way to go!


Monaco (Round double bridge)


As the years evolve and trends change, the fashion world becomes more versatile in the use of sunglasses. This year, round, colorful sunglasses are the rave and Monaco is a perfect embodiment of this trend. The uniquely designed sunglasses come in a variety of catchy color lenses that include purple, pink, yellow, brown, black, green, orange and blue. This variety of colors makes it versatile as it suits different personalities and can be paired with numerous outfits. When buying Monaco sunglasses, you can choose to go for the colors that specifically match with your outfit or go for more general colors like brown, black and blue that can fit with almost anything. 

The round shape makes it the perfect pick for people with rectangular or square faces and the double bridge makes it a fascinating pair of glasses to look at. So if you have no restrictions when it comes to your sunglasses designs and are all about style this year, Monaco might just be what you’ve been looking for!

Not enough colors to pick from? Well you're lucky, the Monaco sunglasses are there in multiple styles. We have divided the styles in three seperate collections:


Be sure to check them out, and who knows what you'll find!

London (Round double bridge)

 London sunglasses by VAINRound style sunglasses

When you hear the word London, the first picture your mind conjures is a neat, sophisticated place. You think of organization, class and maybe history. This is exactly what the trendy London sunglasses represent. 

This year, sunglasses aren’t just accessories that make outfits look flashier but also items that can express a person’s style. When you wear London sunglasses, it instantly gives you a very cool, classy look. The sunglasses are round with catchy double bridges and some of the most fascinating sunglasses colors out there. While you can go for the plain black London frames, you can also choose to go for the multi-colored turtoise variants that give the sunglasses more character. London sunglasses lens comes in a variety of colors like tea, pink, green, tortoise, orange, demi-brown, black and black mirror. London looks great on dresses, pants, swimsuits, and rompers so with one or more of these sunglasses, you can definitely look trendy for every occasion this year!


Newcastle (Round double bridge)

 Newcatle sunglasses by VAINDouble bridge style sunglasses
One of the best things about the 2022 sunglasses trend is that there is something for everyone. Now if you aren’t into colorful sunglasses and don’t feel ready to try them out, no problem at all. Newcastle has got you all covered. Newcastle sunglasses are those sunglasses that give that action hero vibe. You wear it and you look all set to save the day! 

Newcastle sunglasses are round, which makes them perfect for angular faces, and have a trendy double bridge. Their dark lenses also make them perfect for sunny days when you need to keep your eyes protected. And the stainless steel makes it catchy enough for evening events. And that is not where it ends! Newcastle comes in both glossy black and a spectacular matte black. Matte black sunglasses are one of the biggest trends this year which makes Newcastle a wardrobe must-have. 



 The fashion world has come a long way from basic square sunglasses. Now sunglasses are just as versatile and adventurous as other fashion accessories and apparels. They range from the classic aviator to double bridges and to fascinating round sunglasses. Now we also have different sunglasses for different skin colors, hair types, face shapes, and eye colors. So jump off the old cliché train and explore all the amazing styles and designs the latest sunglasses trends have to offer! 


Not sure which sunglasses would fit you?

Your at the right place, our Sunglasses fit guide can tell you everything you need to know! Additionally we have a blog going a bit more in depth on matching sunglasses with your headshape, be sure to check them out!



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