Black Friday 2020

It's the time of the year.. yes you guessed it right! it's almost Black Friday and we're going to have a MEGA BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Our sunglasses and brand new snow goggle collections have never been priced this low before. From 23 november up until Cyber Monday on the 30th of november.

Sunglasses on sale

Broke your sunglasses, or these knockers were too expensive? Well, not this week. All our sunglasses have a discount of at least 30%! Some even go up to a whopping 80% discount. Thats practically free! Don't miss out on these sales as we have a limited offer and your desired shades might disappear sooner than you would have hoped..

Woodglasses on sale

Our woodglasses will have a very special price this week. They won't go for the usual price of €67, but a stunning €44,44. A number that represents the strength of nature! And on top of that, we will donate 10%, yes.. 10% of our sales to That's double the normal rate! So you get the best wooden sunglasses and restore double the amount of your carbon footprint!

Snow Goggles on sale

The winter is close, and what better way to prepare yourself for it than a stunning sale? Our premium quality Slopester snow goggles won't go for €127 this week, but a stunning €77 price! that's a €50 discount! If you add one of our amazing lenses on top of that, you'll increase that discount to a whopping €60. As all of our lenses will be €10 off this week!

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